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Panon Plastic Inc

Welcome to Panon Plastic Inc.

Panon Plastic is a mould making and injection moulding company presently serving the electronic and automotive industries by providing expert advice and production suggestions for moulding needs, so that our customers can improve their time to market and the quality of their products while still reducing their costs.

We are a dynamic, growing company interested in injection moulding and mould making for any type of industry.

We offer Full Service CAD, CAM, CNC, Mould Making, and Injection Moulding

We have built our reputation on quality and cost effectiveness by giving our customers confidence and reliability with on time delivery.

Minimum – defect in any process is our way – not a goal.

Sample of our products are 407 Transponder Holder, New 407 Holder, Rain Diverter and many others.


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