E-ZPass & IPass Elastomer Camouflag Cover


Specially made and designed for the E-Z pass and IPass transponders, fits like a glove. These transponders are a white color that really stands out, if your interior is darker, and it does not look nice from the inside or outside. This particular product comes with a soft Elastomer cover casing that goes over the front like a phone case, and completely covers and camouflages the transponder. The back is also covered in black as the transponder is snapped into a holder, and comes with black velcro strips to blend it in completely.

The photos provided clearly portray the description, as you can see the white stands out extremely while our casing provides a complete camouflage and it is almost as if it isn’t even there.

Product Description

Please see instruction video for additional information.

Additional Information

Weight 0.042 kg
Dimensions 24 x 16 x 4 cm


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