E-ZPass&IPass Camouflage Holder Suction Cup


The E-ZPass Camouflage holder is designed to create an easier way for people to apply and remove their highway transponder. The suction cup technology gives it a much nicer look and when removed there is no Velcro pad left on the windshield. This product is similar to the regular Transponder holder that we offer, but this particular product comes with a rubber or hard cover casing that goes over the front like a phone case, and completely covers and camouflages the transponder.

Please check out our instruction videos below.

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Product Description

Suction Cup Use:      

How to ensure the suction cup technology is at its best:

Make sure the Suction Cups are clean with no sign of dust.

Make sure the surface of the windshield is clean; it will not stick to a dirty surface.

Important hint* If you would like to enhance the suction simply add a dab of Vaseline to the rim of the cup.

Camouflage Instructions come in at 1:45.

Additional Information

Weight .045 kg
Dimensions 24 x 16 x 2 cm


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